Horseback Rides in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is a beautiful area with year-round recreation—including horseback riding, restaurants with great chili, & hot springs!
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Jackson Hole is a beautiful area with year-round recreation. It has mountains as far as the eye can see, and it’s near Grand Teton National Park. The area is known for its great hunting and fishing spots and amazing scenery. Many hunters head to Jackson Hole every year, but if you’re not into hunting or fishing, there are plenty of other things to do in the area.

Horseback Rides in Jackson Hole

First, it’s horseback riding story time! We found a perfect little horseback riding ranch and booked an afternoon. It was a delight! And my horse, Daisy, was great. She was calm, and she was very gentle. We rode around the ranch and enjoyed the scenery along the way. I got to ride a little ways on my own, but we were all together for most of our ride. And we had such a great time!

After the horseback riding experience, we decided to go to a nearby area with hot springs. It’s called the Teton Pools and Hot Springs. It’s right outside of Jackson Hole in an outdoor environment with natural hot springs pools that you can swim in. Some people come here as part of a tour package, but it is also possible to just go on your own or bring your family here if they would like to go too! The pool I went into felt amazingly warm and welcoming. There were people swimming around me in the pool, which made it even more fun!

Chili Parlor

We spent about an hour at this hot springs area because it was so fun! It’s a great place for anyone who likes to swim or relax in warm water. Plus, there are other things here that you can do like hike or picnic (which is what I did). After this relaxing experience, we headed back toward town where we had lunch at a restaurant called The Darn Good Chili Parlor. This restaurant has great food but does not have any indoor seating so you’d better make sure you have somewhere to sit while you eat since there aren’t many places to sit inside (but there are plenty outside). The food here is delicious! And their chili is definitely one of the best chilis I’ve ever had.

Jenny Lake

After our relaxing afternoon full of horseback riding and hot springs adventures, we headed back toward town so I could take photos at sunset at Jenny Lake Inn & Spa. This place has amazing views of Jenny Lake and amazing rooms for rent on the lake itself! It’s one of my favorite places in Jackson Hole because it’s beautiful here and it’s so peaceful while still being close to town where everything else can be found!

The drive into Jackson Hole from Idaho Falls is about 4 hours from Idaho Falls through some amazing mountain scenery along the way! Jackson Hole itself isn’t very big by any means, but it is still worth visiting if you’re looking for something beautiful and relaxing without too much hustle-bustle nearby (although there are plenty of those things if you look hard enough). There are many types of activities available in Jackson Hole so no matter what your tastes are, there will be something for you somewhere in this city/town/area!

Jackson Hole is definitely a tourist destination for many people who love visiting national parks like Yellowstone National Park or Grand Teton National Park (both close by)! If otherwise though, Jackson Hole could be just another place on your list if you enjoy outdoor activities such as horseback riding or seeing beautiful nature up close and personal without crowds (but there are plenty of those too!).