The Best Time to Visit Dubrovnik, Croatia

(Shh… our opinion: sometime between April and October.)
woman in brown dress standing on street during daytime

For those who have already been there, the name “Dubrovnik” can spark thoughts of the city’s breathtaking views. What about everyone who hasn’t been yet? When is the best time of year to acquire their own mental image?

We suggest visiting Dubrovnik sometime between April and October (surprised? read on!).

Fall, Winter, Spring, or Fall?

Dubrovnik may be best in the fall due to nature. October and November are months with mild weather and a slight chill in the air. This makes for fantastic walking conditions. The foliage is in the process of changing from green to yellow and red over this period, providing an amazing backdrop for photos of the city.

The summer months are great but they come with a fair share of inconveniences. Think heat and humidity, things that can make any stay uncomfortable.

Rainy days can also be a bummer when traveling just as much as sunny ones. And, all in all, September is an excellent month to visit Dubrovnik.

If you’re looking for something local or magnificent views then head into Dubrovnik’s Old Town. You’ll find authentic local experiences waiting for you!

There’s a new transportation system in Dubrovnik called Busabout. You can find bus connections between destinations in and around Dubrovnik at affordable prices (10€ per trip). Give it some thought!

Folks who prefer to enjoy their tourism on foot may want to avoid visiting during peak season. There will be crowds at most of the popular attractions like Stradun street or Pile Gate. Of course, these places may still be packed during September and October. For those who enjoy taking their time or heading off into quieter areas then plan around a certain time of year:

  • January–February: best for those who want warmer temperatures.
  • March–April, May–June: the most comfortable
  • July–August: the hottest months
  • September–October: peak season.

If you plan ahead by reserving accommodations or tours online there shouldn’t be an issue. They’ll typically list only if they’re available during certain times of year. True especially if they’ll have limited availability during the busiest travel periods. Think summertime and around Christmas/New Year’s holidays. We maintain the best time to visit Dubrovnik is between April and October.

Our best time to visit Dubrovnik may be a surprise. Regardless, there’s no shortage of things to do regardless of timing!

Suggestions for a Dubrovnik Itinerary

See Dubrovnik at its best in picturesque Pile Bay.
Pile Bay is a beautiful cove on the Adriatic sea. Surrounded by steep limestone cliffs and large pine trees. An ideal place for picnics and sunbathing. It’s also where the old lighthouse stands proudly in the middle of the bay. Beam pointing towards the horizon and welcoming boats into port.

Take a stroll through the city walls.
The Republic of Ragusa (Dubrovnik) constructed between the city walls between 1418 and 1419 for protection against the neighbors. The walls are 7 km long but most people don’t climb them because of their steepness. So, they’re less popular than the other sites within walking distance from the town center. Places like Lovrijenac fortress or Srdj Bara Lighthouse (both free admission).

Enjoy some local cuisine at one of Dubrovnik’s many restaurants .
Foodies will be happy to hear that there are more than 150 restaurants within 10 minutes’ walk from downtown Dubrovnik! Some travelers prefer to dine at expensive Michelin-starred restaurants while others enjoy street food or family-run eateries for less money, so if you’re looking for something original then these options might work better for you than traditional touristy places.

Visit Ploče Fort.
Abandoned soon after completion! Ploče Fort now serves as a museum. Visitors can see cannons, weapons, documents and other historical items (free admission).

Walk up Mt Srđ overlooking Old Town.
If you’d rather stay near Old Town, visit one of Dubrovnik’s many viewpoints. For example, Lazareti viewpoint is located near Marjan hill above Port Authorities Square which offers beautiful views over Old Town and sea below (free admission). Check out the Katarina Mill viewpoint as well. Its name stems from its original use as an olive press facility. Currently converted into a modern apartment complex with great views over Old Town. Finally, if you’re still looking for more viewpoints check out Sv Ilirija, Toplice, and Orlovat. There are many options so have fun exploring!

Other points of interest

  • Srdj Bara Lighthouse
  • Sv Ilirija Fortress
  • St Nicholas Fortress
  • Lastovo Island: free ferry ride from Split or Brac Island;
  • Zlatni Rat Beach or Ada Ciganlija Beach: both have incredible views over Old Town;
  • Biokovo Mountain: hike up through pine forest on this mountain which has amazing views over both coastline and mountainside below;
  • Lovrijenac Fortress
  • Stradun Street: famous pedestrian street lined with bars, restaurants, shops selling souvenirs, jewelry, artisan goods, etc.